Karel ČUDA

  • Narozen / born: 26.12.1948
  • ľenatý / married
  • jedna dcera / one daughter

Mountaineering background

Letní a zimní výstupy ve V. Tatrách (Summer and Winter climbs in The High Tatras)
Letní výstupy v Alpách (Summer climbs in The Alps)

1998 Andes Aconcagua 6959m, Summit French route
1999 Andes Huascaran Sur 6664m, Summit Garganta route
2002 Himlalaya Shisha Pangma 8013m, (6500m) North Ridge
2004 Caucasus Elbrus 5633m, Wsummit Classic route
2006 Himalayas Cho oyu 8201m, (7000m) West face